WHY BADGES? - Article

No matter what type of music you make or listen to, one thing remains consistent: music fans love band badges. Band badges have been popular for decades and are the perfect one-size-fits-all answer to music merchandise, for every kind of fanbase.

People of all ages and demographics covet band badges and proudly display them on hats, backpacks and jackets. It’s a great way for music fans to show their love for your band, and helps to get you noticed by other music fans. And, as a bonus, limited-edition badges will help your fans feel like they’re part of a special community with your group. Outside of the merch table, you could offer a band badge as a gift for people who join an “official fan club” or sell them online for people who love your music but can’t make it to your next show.

Band badges are affordable!

Band badges can also help drive a little revenue to offset some of your tour and equipment costs. Badges typically have a low price point at your merchandise table so they may appeal to people that wish to purchase a souvenir from the show but don’t want to splurge on a higher ticket item.

For example here at Badges4bands you can get 150 x custom made 25mm badges for just £22 (that's roughly 15p per badge) these badges often sell on merchandise tables for £1 each. (85p per badge profit). 

Badges are highly collectable and can become iconic items of band merchandise, for example an early nirvana badge recently sold for $3581 at a charity auction.

So if your looking for an affordable, iconic item to start your merchandise range badges are the perfect starting point.